Updated as of 8 March 2017.

Dance Meets have been sharing a little about the different dance studios which you can visit at different cities/countries. However, let us not forget that there are still many studios in Singapore as well! If you have a friend or two who are asking about dance classes, you can refer them to this article. (:

*DISCLAIMER* There are many studios around so we will just be introducing some which are probably more accessible, with many instructors that you might be interested in, or with a certain specialty, etc.

1 Converge Studios

137 Cecil Street #02-01
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer/Tanjong Pagar


Converge Studios is located in the Central Business District of Singapore. Being one of the younger dance studios in Singapore, it serves as a brand new sanctuary for dance enthusiasts of various levels and experiences. With a variety of open classes to choose from, and an assembly of the most passionate, professional and personal instructors, there is always a class appropriate for students regardless of their concentration, level of experience, or training requirement.

Genres offered – Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Kpop, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Girls’ Style, Heels, Popping, Locking and Contemporary.


1 Selegie Road #02-18 PoMo
Nearest MRT: Dhoby Gaut/Bras Basah


Danz People is one of Singapore’s premier dance studios, founded in 2008. The studio aims to provide a range of dance related activities, catering to both seasoned and novice dancers. Dance classes tailored for children from 3-12 years are also available during the weekends.

Genres offered – Hip Hop, Girls Style, Basic Groove, Contemporary, Street Jazz, Kpop and Breaking.

3 EV Dance

51 Waterloo St #03-01
Nearest MRT: Bras Basah


Conveniently located in Bras Basah area, EV Dance have been expanding the genre of classes being offered in their studio. EV Dance is also the organizer for Swaggout, a dance campaign founded in 2009, which aims in bringing dance cultures from around the world. They have invited many renowned dancers such as Princess Lockeroo, Chris Martin, Ellen Kim, Larkin Poynton and Sori Na.

EV Dance offer classes for Hip Hop, Urban Choreography, Girl’s Style, Kpop, Street Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Waacking, Locking, House, Popping and Breaking. If you’re a fan of Kpop and fitness, you can also try out for their K-Kardio classes!

4 Kulture Studios

1 Stadium Place, #02-05 Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore 397628
Nearest MRT: Stadium


Kulture Studios aim to make music and dance a lifestyle that is accessible to all. Hence the studio does not only offer dance classes, it provides music and fitness classes as well. For savvy parents looking to engage their children in a selection of performing Arts programs, the studio also offers classes tailored for 3-12 years old.

On top of the music (pop vocals, guitar, music production, beatbox) and fitness classes (trampoline, drumming, kpop), here are the dance classes offered – Hip Hop, Popping, Waacking, Street Jazz and Urban Choreography.

5 O School

*SCAPE 2 Orchard Link #04-04 Singapore 237978
Nearest MRT: Somerset


O School was set up in 2006 and provides not only dance classes and courses, but also services for schools, corporate and showbiz. Its open classes start from intro level, beginner’s level to intermediate level. O School has also been organizing many big competitions and events such as Singapore Dance Delight, The Big Groove and Super 24.

Genres offered – Hip Hop, Dancehall, Lyrical Jazz, Street Jazz, Urban Choreography, Soul, Soul Waack, Locking and Kpop.


*SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, #05-08
Nearest MRT: Somerset


P.A.T.H. (Professional Artiste Training Headquarters) ACME ACADEMY is a subsidiary of AC Music Entertainment established to cater to the needs of emerging local talents in Singapore & the region. The studio provides an all-round professional artiste training and hence offers a variety of classes.

For dance classes, you can come to Acme Academy for Kpop, Waacking, Girls’ Style, Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking and Rhythm & Groove. Rap-writing and vocal training are also some of the interesting artiste training courses the studio specializes on.

7 Recognize Studios

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, Unit 05-31, Singapore 238896
Nearest MRT: Somerset


Recognize Studios was opened in 2010 with its mission to provide a platform to grow Singapore’s artistic potential. Other than its very own recital, the studio also hosts numerous large-scale events such as the Summer Jam Dance Camp and Radikal Forze Jam. For those who have no experience in dance or for beginner level dancers who would like to improve their fundamentals, they can choose from a range of courses available.

Open classes, suitable for dancers of all levels includes Urban Choreo, Breaking, Hip Hop, Reggae, Street Jazz, Locking, Popping, Jazz Funk, Waacking, Kpop and LA Lyrical. On top of the open classes, the studio also offers classes catered for children from 4 to 17 years old.



Dance Meets is keeping Nasty Drills to the last on the list as it is a street dance education company which offers training that is different from a conventional dance studio.

Nasty Drills was born to train hip hop dancers who are not able to freestyle. Their first course was a step by step introduction to hip hop freestyle course. After the first batch, they were happy with the outcome and made improvements to the syllabus after every batch.

After a few batches of great results, they decided to branch out to different types of courses such as Foundation courses and Open classes (they call it Application class) to provide hip hop training from Foundation to Freestyle.

At Nasty Drills, they develop their products (classes) based on what they think is needed and not readily available in the local scene. Which is also the reason why they have decided to recruit Hanafi to work with them to build the House community together.

How are they different?

The Nasty Drills courses/classes are designed outside the usual 6 to 8 weeks courses and Open classes. They have their own ideas and theories on what works. They breakdown training progress for dancers at different levels and design and structure their classes based on that. This is something that we will always review so as to find better ways to deliver our training.

Some of their classes that are different from what is available in the market are Application Class and Drills Class.


  • Will says:

    I am coming to visit Singapore for the first time. I love street dance, specially locking. It would be so great to be able to participate to a dance class or battle or show.. Would you have any ideas for me as where to go?
    I will be in Singapore whole day at Saturday May 13th and on 14th evening I will fly to Sydney.

    kind regards,
    Will from Finland

    • Dance Meets says:

      Hi Will!

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, so far there’s no dance event on the May 13th and 14th. You can check out the dance studios as listed but usually there is no locking classes during the weekends. However, you can drop a comment on Facebook pages such as “Lion City Lockers” and “SG Poppers” to ask if there are any dance sessions happening on that day! Hope you’ll have a good transit in Lion City!

      Best Regards,
      Dance Meets

  • Felicity says:


    I am a professional ballerina and contemporary dancer working on my own creative projects. I am looking to move to Singapore with my Fiancé and was wondering whether there is a studio that would cater to my level in classical ballet and contemporary. I would like to attend classes regularly!

    Any information would be so helpful. Thanks you 🙂


    • Felicity says:

      *thank you

    • Dance Meets Admin says:

      Hi Felicity!

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Not so sure about the ballerina and contemporary scene in Singapore. However, there is a studio which you can try checking out.
      Here’s the website: https://www.trdo.sg/about-us

      The studio was founded by Ryan Tan, a very experienced and well-respected dancer. Probably you can look for him for more information once you arrive in Singapore. (:

      Best regards,
      Dance Meets Admin

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