Recently in March, the Dance Meets team attended Asia’s freshest Hip-Hop festival – Radikal Forze Jam 2017. Other than the breath-taking battles we got to witness, there were so many booths at the event selling apparels from hats, T-shirts, to sneakers. One of the booths which caught my attention was a brand started by a pair of cool cats in town – Melly Gold Round. I came early on the first day of the 3-day event but so many good stuffs were already sold out!  Nonetheless, I managed to get myself a couple of tops from them. ^^

Above picture: Melissa and Jin, founders of Melly Gold Round
I caught up with Melissa ‘Meow’ Lim, one of the founders of Melly Gold Round, to have a short chat.

Dance Meets: What inspired you to start up Melly Gold Round?
Meow: It’s inspired by “Merry Go Round” and the idea that fashion goes round. What goes out of fashion, will eventually come back in another few years. And Jin and I also want to encourage recycling, up-cycling and refashioning vintage pieces with modern pieces. Buying more second-hand clothes than new ones will help improve its sustainability and in turn reduce the impact on the environment, in my opinion, an awesome alternative to rampant consumerism.

To me, dressing up is like a second calling after dancing and I always believe that both goes hand in hand. When you dress good, you feel good and when you feel good, you do good! It’s also about creating your own identity, creating that first impression through the clothes you wear. In the words of Coco Chanel,

“Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.” – Coco Chanel

Chehhh ~ I enjoy watching people who put in effort to dress up. Fashion really makes the world a much beautiful place.

Both Jin and I are lovers of styles from the past, of the 70s – 90s mainly because of the dance styles we do – Locking and Waacking respectively. Hence, it’s no surprise that we have a common interest for all things oldie. I really have my Mom to thank for because of the number of clothing I had inherited from her. I probably inherited my fashion sense from her as well! The quality, the cut and the design of these vintage pieces are what many deemed as old-fashioned, but to me, I can almost never find anything like this now. All these items are pretty much older than me but they are still in pretty good conditions!

And what better way to create your own unique identity than to wear vintage? Because most of the time, these are one-off pieces and you won’t be caught wearing the same thing as someone else on the streets!

Old is really GOLD!

DM: Tell us about some of the apparels available in Melly Gold Round.
M: A good rojak mix of apparels! But definitely most of them are one-offs as they are all true vintage.

We personally hand-sourced every single item with love. And we will only buy if we can imagine ourselves wearing it! We have many statement pieces which might not appeal to the masses, it’s really a hit or miss thing but if an individual likes it, you will surely love it. We also aim to source for clothing which are made in USA or Japan because through experience, those are the pieces that have stood to the test of time!

DM: People around recognise you as a fashionista. Can you give us an advice on how to dress up nicely every day without it being too much of a hassle?
M: Accessorize!!!

Accessories are really the icing on the cake. A plain black oversized tee tucked into a high-waisted mom jeans can easily go up the ‘Wow’ factor by wearing a printed scarf around your neck or on your head and adding a pair of gold or funky bright earrings. Folding your jeans up and playing peek-a-boo with a pair of cute printed socks. Looks can be easily switched based on the accessories you wear! Accessories to me are a great investment, you can never have too much of earrings, hats, socks, shoes, and the list goes on.

DM: Last question, give us 2 words to describe Melly Gold Round.
M: “Just buy”. Okay just kidding. “Fashion Merry-Go-Round”! “Fashion Go-stun“. “Lao kok kok“! Okay that’s 3 words. Okay last one – “Meow Jin”.  😉

Quick Singlish crash course:
// “go-stun” – move backwards.
// “lao kok kok”- commonly used to describe someone or something that is very old
// “rojak” – When things or people are mixed and matched together; anyhow

If you’re someone who loves digging through your parents’ wardrobe for oldie goodies, Melly Gold Round is perfect for you. Whether you want to go for the hipster look, funky, cool, vintage, hip hop, indie kid style or just looking for something colourful, you can check out their Instagram account – @mellygoldround.

Photos by:
// Kwan : @kwanfolk
// Kellie : @bykellie
// Elaine : @loaaading___


Little Kay-Cee signing off ~

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