Dance Meets Fashion began quietly in December 2014 as an initiative to inspire dancers in our community to up their fashion game.

Through the years, we’ve seen how the dancer uniform has changed – from over-sized club T-shirt and baggy jeans, to more fitted shirts and jeans. (I shall not go into detail here because I’m no fashion expert.) However, one thing we can’t seem to shake off, is the all-too-comfortable monochromatic combo of a black (or white) T-shirt and sweatpants. Guilty as charged.

Over the past 9 months, we kickstarted our initiative by featuring several fashionistas in our community.

Starting this October, we will be injecting new life into Dance Meets Fashion with a greater variety of content you can look forward to in the upcoming months:


Jin / Picture by Melissalcl Photography

Dance Meets will be keeping our eyes peeled for the fashion forward at dance events and getting the low down on their fashion inspiration. Look out for our team, Brennan, Suria and Elisha!


Steph / Picture by Melissalcl Photography

Street snaps
We are inspired by the streets, so where better than the streets of Singapore to gather some new street style inspiration? If you fit the bill or know someone who does, send your pictures our way. Hashtag #dmfsnaps and who knows, you may be featured next.

Stay tuned for our street snaps on Dance Meets Fashion and get inspired. Let the fashion revolution begin!

Header image featuring Catlady and Sir Waackalot. Picture by Melissalcl Photography.