Despite working Full-Time.


MYTH: If i don’t dance anymore, i’m not part of the dance scene


Yes, it is not easy to keep up with the dance scene when you are juggling between university or your full-time job. What’s worst is when you have a little more time in your hands but you find it difficult to not feel lost at what’s going on in the scene.

Once a dancer, always a dancer. I always believe that one can never fully stop dancing. Well, of course there are some people we know that have stopped completely. But I’m sure there are times when they feel like dancing again. It’s up to individuals whether they want to give it a try despite it being difficult to fit in!

Even if you don’t or can’t dance anymore due to health reasons and such, there are plenty of other ways to still be involved.

1 Occasionally go for classes

Even if you don’t practice on your own much, don’t be scared to attend classes occasionally. Even if your job ends at 6-7pm, don’t let it be an excuse. There are studios which have classes as late as 9pm. Furthermore, being occupied with work or university would mean less exercise for most. So what’s better than getting to stretch and work your muscles a little bit in a dance class?

2 Attend events when you can

An event would be a great opportunity to see the active dancers in the scene, both the new and the old faces. You can even join the event as a form of support or to experience some good old times. If you’re too nervous to do so, just attend and join in the hype!

3 Drop by usual session venues

You have the sudden craving to practice some moves or just groove to some music. You don’t want to do it alone and have no idea who you can call for a random session. Well, you can always try your luck and drop by the usual session places. For Singaporeans, you’ll probably be familiar with *Scape, Esplanade underpass and some other venues which I won’t mention here in case people gets into trouble. You know how hard it is to dance at random places without getting chased away by the security.

4 Attend dance parties

We don’t have as much dance parties as other cities but you can still find some! Be it Hip Hop parties, live funk bands, etc.


5 Social Media

If you really really really can’t seem to find the time to head out (but I think it’s just an excuse or you prefer your sleep than anything else), spend a few minutes going through your social media. Despite missing events, parties, etc, there are so many dancers out there updating on their social media about the latest happenings. Even when you’re not there, you can at least keep track of some crazy moments at a recent dance event.

6 Visit

Points No.3 and No.5 might be tricky if you were MIA from the dance scene. This is where you will find our website and Facebook page useful! We update the monthly happenings and even post some dance video links to keep you entertained.


Header image by Melissa Lim Chin Ling

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